When ordering please use complete model description and/or part numbers to reduce possibilities of shipping the wrong item. There are many variations and simply asking for a WindUpKey may not be sufficient information to describe what you want. It is also helpful to give the exact make, model and year of the vehicle on which it will be mounted.

Ordering price:

1) Go to the models page and find the model number and price for your specific car.

2) Go to the options page and select any desired options and their price.

3) Add up the items and descriptions in (1) and (2) to get your total cost.

4) Send an order request with the model numbers, options and your shipping address by clicking here and add your last name to the message subject.

I can then send you a PayPal invoice for the amount due. This can be paid using a credit card or any other funding you may set up with PayPal.

WindUpKeys that are not in stock require a $50 deposit to begin construction. This deposit is applied to the total price. An order is considered "placed" when the deposit is received.

The balance (total price including any options minus the deposit) is due when the key is ready to ship. Full payment must be made before final shipment is made.

After notice of shipment has been made, the buyer has 30 days to pay the balance due or any deposit will be forfeited and the key will then be sold to the next customer requesting that design.

Payment(s) can be made using PayPal to my order@windupkey.com account; or by mailing a money order or personal check to the address on the contacts web page.

Buyers should read the warranty and disclaimer; and must accept their terms before ordering.

Order with confidence, as the owner of WindUpKey L.L.C. has been active on eBay since January 1999 with a 100% satisfaction rating (userid: mshaw*arizona).


All orders usually take from 6 to 8 weeks to complete if I didn't build enough extras to have one in stock, so it is requested that only the required deposit is paid to start the build of your key. Unfortunately, paying the full amount does make it go any faster.

In general I try to build a couple of extra units of the more popular models and these can be shipped sooner on a first-come, first-serve basis. Inquire to see if I happen to have the one you want in stock.

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Revised: 9/04/14