General Purpose Bolt-On Mount

General Purpose Bolt-On Mount Designs
These are available as a motorized or free-spinning design.

They mount with a round, generic base that must be bolted to a flat surface that is at least 5 inches in diameter.

Power for the motor can be supplied from a number of sources.

Installation of these will require some customer ingenuity and drilling of holes.


Mounting Method
Model No.
Round base,
bolt-on mount
Free-spinning Silver
Satin Black WUK-GEN-FS-B
Motorized Silver
Satin Black WUK-GEN-MT-B

Standard shape is ROUND style and standard finish is "sparkle silver" or "satin black" powder coat. Be sure to select correct model number when ordering.

Other options are extra.

Shipping to all 50 US states is included in above prices. Inquire for added shipping costs to other countries.

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Revised: 3/21/11