Prototype Designs
A person can participate in my "prototype" program for a fixed price of $150 for a motorized windup key for some popular vehicles which do not have a specific design available. This program is available on a first-come, first serve basis for only one customer and must be a pre-approved vehicle model. The current list of pre-approved vehicles is:

Nissan Cube

2012 VW New Beetle

VW Golf (A4, A5 or A6 chassis with either fixed emblem of flip-up latch emblem)

Other vehicle models may be considered, please contact for acceptance.

Persons participating in this program must be willing to supply pictures, dimensions and other information that will aid in the design of the new model of windupkey. This ONLY applies to a motorized version.

Send a message for model acceptability and reservation of your vehicle in the prototype design. Designs must be completed within 3 months or another person will be assigned to that vehicle.

Standard shape is OVAL or ROUND style and standard finish is "sparkle silver" or "satin black" powder coat. Be sure to select correct model number when ordering.

Shipping to all 50 US states is included in above prices. Inquire for added shipping costs to other countries.

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Revised: 5/7/12