Windup Keys
for Your Car!






Imagine your favorite car with a windup key that actually turns while you drive!

If you are interested in getting one of these unique and attention getting windup keys for your car, then check out my other web pages using the navigation bar at the left or the
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Latest Update – 03/01/23


We stopped shipping these keys over the past several years due to a couple of serious health issues, moving to a new city, and the general pandemic chaos.

But the good news is that we plan to restart making these unique windup key products later in 2023!

The number of models will be consolidated into the most popular with two general purpose versions. In the past there was over 85 different model variations, which is hard to manage. The theatrical human body keys will be discontinued due to their higher cost and complexity to make.

Please check this home page for the latest status rather than sending emails.


Please be advised that an “ORDER” is only valid if at least a deposit is made.  Over the past several months I have had several customers “order” a specific windup key, but then do not pay a deposit (and ultimately not pay the full price).   I have tried to be friendly to all orders, but in the end those who do not follow through divert my inventory to build keys that ultimately are not paid for.   This delays those orders for the good folks who are actually serious and pay!   If I send a PayPal invoice requesting at least a deposit and it is not paid within 7 days, the “order” is void! 


Our website to be upgraded over the next several months to reflect the changes in our offerings......

"Adding fun to motoring."

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Revised: 03/01/23