All WindUpKeys are "hand crafted" to order and each varies somewhat from all the others as I match up the components and/or may improve the design over time.

Models are currently available for several car types as noted below.

Each design normally comes with the standard, flat base plate. These bases will have drilled holes and are attached with stainless steel fasteners with locking nuts on the inside of the vehicle to prevent removal from the outside. A neoprene rubber gasket seals the base to the car body.

Key Shapes Available

All current styles are either the Round or Oval in shape as shown below:

Key Colors Available

The standard finish is durable powder coating in either "sparkle silver" (which looks like most alloy wheels) or "satin black." Optional colors and finishes are possible.

Key Motion Available

The current 2-piece shaft series-9 design allows the key to be removed without removing the base. Special tamper-proof wrench provided.

These have a small DC gearmotor enclosed in the base of the WindUpKey shaft that is connected to a switched power source in the rear deck/trunk area. They turn whenever the power is applied. These can be turned slowly by hand when the power is off.

These have a pair of ball bearings enclosed in the base of the WindUpKey shaft that allow the key to spin freely. The key turn may turn while the car is moving or wind is present, but rate of motion or direction of motion cannot be predicted. Motion depends on vehicle speed, direction of any wind, and the presence of nearby vehicles.

Standard Designs Currently Available

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New Beetle
(1998 and later)
Older Air-Cooled Bugs
(1979 and earlier)
Mini Cooper
Older Design
Mini Cooper
New Mini
(2001 and later)
Scion Xa, Xd Scion Xb smart Car Nash Metro
General Purpose
License Frame Mount
General Purpose
Bolt-On Mount
Custom Design Prototype Program
Specific New Models
Body Keys
Repairs and

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Revised: 1/3/11